Stuff I do

  • Website development

    I have worked with frameworks which span from PHP right through to C# & VB .NET. My ambition has led me into the world of .NET C# development, with a focus primarily in MVC. I am highly competent in HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery, having predominantly been a front end developer. In the past few years, my skills have been applied as front end developer using PHP based Content Management Frameworks.

  • Website optimization

    This is something I am obsessed with, and is crucial to an optimal website in order for potential visitors to easily access information. Optimization is a consistent workflow, which requires frequent analysis and monitoring. I have formed a good understanding of the various methods of optimization, and seek to apply my experience and knowledge at each and every point.

  • Website analysis

    Analysis goes hand in hand with the aforementioned, it's always an important step to ensure that your investment is running at it's optimum. Consistent analysis and maintenance is key to ensuring that your website is performing it's primary function. I am well versed in most aspects of website analysis, and follow latest updated methods.

  • SEO

    Through my experience, this is not a single-day, once-off endeavor. Like so many of the aspects of website development, Search engine optimization(SEO) is key to visibility of your website. More visibility increases brand awareness. It is something that is borne primarily within the website framework, extending all the way through to concepts such as social media awareness.

  • Look and feel

    The way your website looks communicates a very strong message as to the quality of your business products and services. Does "don't judge a book by it's cover" sound familiar? This is almost always the case. I have been the middle-ground between design and development, integrating the two in order to achieve a common goal in a minimal amount of time.

  • No limitations

    I have a habit of seizing every opportunity and challenge, regardless of my experience. I usually enter into any given task with a keen sense of determination, and see it through successfully: I have managed to do this through utilizing every available resource at my disposal, never underestimating the value of teamwork, incorporating experienced assistance, and using a unique problem solving approach to different scenarios.